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Civil Rights Library Resources


St. Augustine, Civil Rights


These pages are designed to highlight and interpret materials from the Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine.


History Interns and Kelly Enright, PhD, in collaboration with Laura Wynn, St. Johns County Schools Social Sciences Coordinator


Flagler College


Begun March 2021


Kelly Enright, PhD


For image and document rights, see the Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine item records.

Collection Items

James Brock Pouring Acid into Monson Pool
Monson Motor Lodge manager James Brock pours acid into Monson pool while civil rights demonstrators swim around.

James Brock Shoves a Demonstrator at the Monson Motor Lodge
Hotel Manager James Brock, left, shoves a white desegregationist toward an officer after a group of white and African American demonstrators tried to enter the hotel restaurant, June 18, 1964, St. Augustine, Fla.

St. Aug. Students Defy Dogs, Prods
Detailed report on the Florida Spring Project of the SCM and SCLC, aka the Easter Invasion, the Murray High walk out, and the arrest of Mary Peabody in St. Augustine, Fl.

Martin Luther King Fingerprints from St. Augustine Arrest
Martin Luther King's fingerprint card from his St. Augustine arrest on June 11, 1964.

Old Spanish Inn
In the photo above, people can be seen walking around St. George street outside of the Old Spanish Inn. The lady on the balcony can be seen wearing an older fashion of clothing compared to those on the ground. Showing a small glimpse of what people…

St. George Street on the 400th Anniversary
The image is a snapshot of the chaotic streets of downtown St. Augustine during the night of the city's 400th Anniversary of it's founding. As many came in from out of town or state, the streets and walkways filled with people.

Newspaper of St. Augustine's 400th Anniversary
The image of the newspaper details the many events planned for St. Augustine's 400th Anniversary of it's founding. The image features other images form around the city that shows some of the activities planned.

Arrest of Murray High Students at Ponce de Leon Hotel ( Now Flagler College)
Two policemen, one holding a dog by a leash, break up racial demonstrations, March 31, 1964, St. Augustine, Fla. Scores of persons were arrested. Mickey Smith is the man on the far left.

Demonstrators Being Herded into Jail
Black demonstrators sing and clap as they are herded into a group by a police officer and a dog at the jail in St. Augustine, Florida, April 1, 1964.

Arrest of Murray High Students at Ponce de Leon Hotel
Demonstrating African American youths, keep their distance from a snarling police dog, during an integration demonstration at a hotel, March 31, 1964, St. Augustine, Fla. Police arrested all of the demonstrators when they would not leave the hotel…
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