Diving Into Marineland

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Diving Into Marineland


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This was created by Angelica Seaman as her Public History Practicum in 2015. A partnership with Marineland in 2021 has expanded the collections to include archival documents and photographs from their archives. With funding from Florida Humanities, a History Harvest collected community photographs to add another dimension to this digital collection and exhibition.


Angelica Seaman and Kelly Enright


Public History Program, Flagler College

Collection Items

The Great American High Dive Team
Flyer indicating The Great American Dive team "as seen on ABC". The flyer has a blue background. on the flyer is an individual who is diving legs in the arm arms outstretched. Around the diver there are seven stars. In the red it reads " The Great…

Dolphin Feeding
A postcard showing a dolphin being fed by a trainer on the top deck of Marine Studios in 1959.

View-Master Reel
A half-circle wheel inside of an envelope. The wheel includes photos from Marineland. 2 photos are showing and say Pelicans and the circular oceariarum.
The number 166 is under the photos and under that, it says Marine Studios.
On the View-Master…

Amazing Marineland Studios! Vintage Postcard
Front of postcard There is a round life preserver written inside with a rope-like text it says Amazing! Marine Studios Marineland Florida
Under is reads "On the New Ocean Boulevard." Within the life preserver there is a photo of two dolphins…

Vintage Ticket Receipt
A ticket recipet from the Marine Studios at Marineland Florida. The ticket reads "MArine Studios Marineland FLorida. Adult Admit one. Est Price $1.78
fed tax .36 state tax .06 total $2.20
receipt only
Elliot TIcket CO NYC.

The ticket stub…

Sharks and Shipwrecks vintage post card
This vintage postcard shows an image of a shark and multiple fish swimming through the remnants of a ship wreck. The scene shows the background of a stadium wall.

Scuba diver feeding dolphins at Marineland
Color postcard showing a scuba diver feeding dolphins at Marineland
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