West Augustine Oral Histories

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West Augustine Oral Histories


History and culture of the West Augustine neighborhood in St. Augustine, Florida


St. Johns County received a grant to collect oral histories in the neighborhood of West Augustine. The interviews address culture, traditions, and lifeways. They are housed at the St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library and made available digitally here through the Flagler College Public History Program.


Flagler College, St. Johns County Cultural Resources, Brockington & Associates




Kelly Enright, Robin Moore, Charlie Philips


West Augustine, 20th century

Date Created

April 2016

Rights Holder

Flagler College and St. Augustine Historical Research Library

Collection Items

Lula Mae Wise
Lula Mae Wise moved from Georgia to Florida in 1952 right out of high school. Wise wanted to pursue a college career. Raised on a farm, Wise was a jack of all trades; she knew how to sew, cook and can vegetables. She moved to St. Augustine in 1958.…

Vivian Smith
Vivian Smith and her family talk about life in West St Augustine before interrogation. Her relationship with her family is a very strong one. She lives in her grandmother's old home in West Augustine and the family has always had that home. She…

Henry Green
This is an interview of Henry Green, done by Charlie Phillips in March of 2014. Henry started Green Furniture in the 1950’s, which was housed originally on St. George Street. They did business heavily with the residents of West Augustine, including…

Beverly Trotman
This interview is of Beverly Trotman, interviewed by Charles Philips in her home in Saint Augustine, Florida in 2016. She has lived in St. Augustine her entire life, to her West Augustine just means home, it is where she grew up her whole life; went…

Ella Sparrow
This oral history is focused on Ella Sparrow and her immediate family. It talks about her life after she moved here with her husband, as she did not grow up in St. Augustine. Various topics are touched on such as appliances, electricity, if Ella…

Pury Stephens and Johnnie Pasco
This is an interview from February 2016 of Pury Stephens and her mother, Johnnie Pasco, for the West Augustine Oral History Project. Mrs. Pasco moved to West Augustine in 1946. Mrs. Pasco talks about the utilities, amenities, and appliances that she…

Evelyn Owens
Evelyn Owens describes her experiences growing up in a small house with large family of 14. She recalls the daily work and her mother’s strictness. There were luxuries that they had like a radio and had not like a phone. She reminisces her close…

Louis Nestor
West Virginia Native Louis Nestor Came From a low-income family. moved to Western Augustine Leaving some family behind. He worked a full-time job since the age of 13 Started By shining Shoes at Clark's barbershop ultimately going to work at the…
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