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Full Collection List

Please find a below a list of oral histories that are fully accessible to the public. Some of these are uploaded on the site currently, but a number of them can only be accessed upon request. There are several oral histories that are available to listen to that are not on this list below due to privacy limitations. If you have a specific topic there may be a history in the collection that is not listed below that could aid you in your research.  Please contact the department through the Contact Us page with any questions regarding the collection.

Accessioned Number Person Interviewed Subject
OH-101 Mason, Otis w/ Mel Barber Civil Rights
OH-102 Kinsey, Brad w/ Gus Craig Hurricane Dora
OH-103 Craig, Gus w/ Brad Kinsey Hurricane Dora
OH-104 Shaw, Jason Immigration
OH-105 Chiodo, Russel w/ Greg May Marineland
OH-106 May, Greg w/ Russel Chiodo Marineland
OH-107 Justiss, Joanne Genealogy 
OH-108 Wells, Mike w/ Mike Isam Vietnam War
OH-109 Isam, Mike w/ Mike Wells Vietnam War
OH-110 Macri, Maureen w/ Gerry Durkee JFK Assassination
OH-111 Durkee, Gerry w/ Maureen Macri JFK Assassination
OH-112 Lewis, Ronald Biography
OH-113 Reinders, Marlene Immigration
OH-114 Mounts, Joseph w/ Samuel Ting American Space Program
OH-115 Ting, Samuel w/ Joseph Mounts American Space Program
OH-116 Orlikoff, Shirley w/ Christa  World War II
OH-118 Castillo, Anthony Immigration
OH-119 Egan, Mike Genealogy 
OH-120 Petroglou, Ramelle D w/ James N Petroglou Civil Rights
OH-121 Whitaker, Chuck Civil Rights
OH-123 Yamamoto, Mihoko Kosaka Immigration
OH-125 Dabbegigno, Americo Immigration
OH-135 Self, Timothy Dodgers Baseball
OH-136 Emlet, Gertrude Dodgers Baseball
OH-138 Russom, Ken Flagler College
OH-139 Gabriel, Elfriede World War II
OH-140 Prior, Elizabeth World War II
OH-141 Braden, Robert L Ponce de Leon Hotel
OH-142 Patthey, George E Ponce de Leon Hotel
OH-143 Craig, Sheryl Smith Flagler College, alumni
OH-144 Goedert, Susan Oliver Flagler College, alumni
OH-145 Vanderland, Diane Army Wife
OH-146 Lowther, Marian Army Daughter
OH-147 Abare, William Flagler College
OH-148 Gibbs, Phyllis M Flagler College
OH-149 Berg, Roland G World War II
OH-150 Spevitz, Louis M Vietnam War
OH-154 Usina, Katie Family History
OH-155 Usina, Jack Vilano Bridge
OH-158 Brusaw, Mary Lou Biography
OH-159 Flowers, Jeanette Biography
OH-160 Cunningham, John Biography
OH-161 Cunningham, Sherri Biography
OH-162 Collins, Marie W.A.V.E.S
OH-163 Stirrup, Betty Civil Rights
OH-164 Harper, Bernice Civil Rights
OH-165 Jackson, James S Civil Rights
OH-169 Dexter, Victoria Remeberance of 9/11
OH-170 Nelson III, William Remembrance of 9/11
OH-171 Gramer, Marie Remeberance of 9/11
OH-175 Nolton, John Operation Education, Veterans, Education
OH-176 Bump, John Operation Education, Veterans, Education
OH-177 Curry, Benjamin Operation Education, Veterans, Education
OH-178 Kimmons, John W. United States Air Force, Southeast Asia, Veteran, 1967,1971
OH-179 Powell, Helen K Hollis Jr, Vietnam War
OH-180 Reyelts, Dwaine H. World War 11, veteran
OH-181 Wuest, Benjamin Remembrance of 9/11, US Navy
OH-182 Roth, Eli Remembrance of 9/11, US Navy
OH-183 Castantillo, David Remembrance of 9/11
OH-187 Boselli, Tony NFL, The Jacksonville Jaguars
OH-188 Catlett, Rick NFL, The Jacksonville Jaguars, Gator Bowl CEO
OH-189 Frase, Paul NFL, The Jacksonville Jaguars
OH-193 Shaw, Deb Verterans, Vietnam
OH-194 Lyons, William Verterans, World War II, Vietnam
OH-195 Allan, Terry Veterans, Vietnam
OH-196 Martin, Brittany Flagler College student, reenactor
OH-197 LaPorta, Amanda Flagler College student, reenactor
OH-198 Deagle, Lorenzo Flagler College student, reenactor
OH-199 Jackson, John 1989 citrus freeze
OH-200 Hunt III, Frank M. 1989 citrus freeze
OH-201 Schirard, Brantley 1989 citrus freeze
OH-202 Larkin, Brian Family History
OH-203 Girouard, Kathy Family History
OH-204 Ou, Tracey Asian Immigration
OH-205 Zajimi, Arlin Albania immigration
OH-206 Stewart, Daniel Flagler College Athletics
OH-207 Clark, Bo Flagler College Athletics
OH-208 Barnett, Dave Flagler College Athletics
OH-209 Vaughan, Gene Veterans, World War II
OH-210 Nichols, Clarence Edwin Veterans, World War II
OH-211 Dye, Harold C. Veterans, World War II
OH-212 Coudriet, Margret Kerr Family Migration from Ireland
OH-214 Street, Howard Family History
OH-215 Robertson, Charlie Gamble Rogers
OH-216 Paccetti, Sam Gamble Rogers
OH-217 Patterson, Bob Gamble Rogers
OH-218 Diviney Jr, John F Veterans, Vietnam, 
OH-220 Wellmon, William "Jim" Veterans, Vietnam, Desert Storm
OH-221 Nelson, William Veterans, Thailand, 1968