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Tourist attraction brochure in anaglyph 3D.
The front pictures an open-mouthed alligator head and an image of the front of the farm, on a black background with thin white stripes. In a red box is the text "St. Augustine" in black curving font, and…

A sepia photo of an alligator enclosure and club members. An alligator lays on a sandy bank in the foreground, facing a pond with alligators in it. About thirty men and women stand on a small island in the pond, facing a man speaking who is perhaps…

Monson Motor Lodge manager James Brock pours acid into Monson pool while civil rights demonstrators swim around.

Hotel Manager James Brock, left, shoves a white desegregationist toward an officer after a group of white and African American demonstrators tried to enter the hotel restaurant, June 18, 1964, St. Augustine, Fla.

Detailed report on the Florida Spring Project of the SCM and SCLC, aka the Easter Invasion, the Murray High walk out, and the arrest of Mary Peabody in St. Augustine, Fl.

Martin Luther King's fingerprint card from his St. Augustine arrest on June 11, 1964.

Picture of at-home negative Covid test sitting on counter. December 31st, 2021. I took this test as well as a few others this week to ensure I tested negative before meeting my cousin for the first time. This was the picture I sent my Uncle to…

Stained glass window of the Martyrdom of Antonio Cuipa in St. Anne's Catholic Church, Ruskin, Florida by Casola Stained Glass

This is a close up of a French map depicting the 1702 Siege.

Flagler volunteers .JPG
Two Flagler student volunteers assist with excavation at the Mission de Nombre de Dion.
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