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As America has now become the epicenter for the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, government response directed by the Trump Administration has been slow, contrarian and inefficient. While this has largely been the reason that we have become the…

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The Covid-19 pandemic impacted restaurants which suffered major losses due to budget cuts, lack of customers, and employee cuts. Restaurants, including the kitchen area, had to be partially closed off and cleaned almost three times more than…

I work at a grocery store and am required to wear a facemask and gloves for my 8 hour shifts. I am only allowed this one disposable mask, which I have been using for two weeks.

The blue tape on the floor encourages people to social distance and remain 6 feet part. A plastic border separates the cashier from the customer.

Cornonavirus has led many people to quarantine. In that time people have found new levels of boredom and hopefully entertainment. Snapchat opened up opportunities to make light of the situation with some quarantine bingo filters so you could share…

These two images were taken when my sister and I went to an abandoned train tunnel and explored it. Being stuck in quarantine has brought us back together and outside yearning to explore new places.

One of many used gloves in the parking lot of a grocery store in the early days of the pandemic.

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Ever since this Covid-19 breakout and call for quarantine, I have seen nothing but quarantine posts take over social media. From memes to viral videos to random photos at home, you can scroll through social media for more than two minutes without…

As long as im living my Mommy youll be .jpg
Depicts someone who passed away as well as religion.
The photo shows blue flowers in the background. On the table, an urn is shown with an angelic figure on top pointing to a necklace on the right-hand side that says mom in a heart with a red…

mcdonalds corona virus.jpg
Signs such as this one found in a local McDonalds have become commonplace during the pandemic.
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