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street view2.jpg
In the photo above, people can be seen walking around St. George street outside of the Old Spanish Inn. The lady on the balcony can be seen wearing an older fashion of clothing compared to those on the ground. Showing a small glimpse of what peopleā€¦

Police with dogs guard the June 23, 1964 wade in at St. Augustine Beach

Detailed report on the Florida Spring Project of the SCM and SCLC, aka the Easter Invasion, the Murray High walk out, and the arrest of Mary Peabody in St. Augustine, Fl.

400th_StGeorge (1).jpg
The image is a snapshot of the chaotic streets of downtown St. Augustine during the night of the city's 400th Anniversary of it's founding. As many came in from out of town or state, the streets and walkways filled with people.
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