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Netted rectangle of white-cotton, mounted on purple backing for display, diagonal bands of geometric and animal motifs.
Tiny female figure. Headdress and lower half of body painted. Half of headdress broken off.
Typical turbaned female figurine in "bow-legged" stance with arms straight down. Wears elaborate breechcloth, necklace, bracelets, ear-plugs, and head-dress. Stained natural clay.
Ceramic smoking pipe in shape of Inca war club with tiny jar on top. Red clay, polished, with cream and black decoration.
Small urn in born clay on very tall, slender, tapering, out-curved slit rattle-legs, crowned by x-winged birds grasping long snakes. Very thin and delicate.
The grand auditorium in the Pan American Union building constructed in our nation's capitol shows the proliferation of Pan Americanism into the highest veins of our society, that eventually would come trickling down to St. Augustine
Tour guides Janet Poole and Jean Babich, both dressed in their traditional inspired uniform, discuss the importance of a ceramic vessel while in the pre-Columbian exhibit.
A variety of garments from Latin American countries featured in a long lasting temporary exhibit in the Pan American Center. Look and compare the styles and imagery used in comparison to the pre-Columbian textile examples.
Closeup, Lighted case with three statues on pedestals.
A variety of Christian objects gathered to show main characteristics of Spanish Colonialism
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