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Monson Motor Lodge manager James Brock pours acid into Monson pool while civil rights demonstrators swim around.

Martin Luther King's fingerprint card from his St. Augustine arrest on June 11, 1964.
Mildred Mcquaig, born October 29th, 1924, raised her kids during the 1960s in West Augustine. She moved to West Augustine at 17 for work and she settled into the house this interview took place at in 1946, right after her husband stopped serving in…

OH-108 Isam.mp3
This is an Oral History regarding Mike Isam's time in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.
In the top left of the image is a mask the size and shape of a human face. On the bottom left, there are seven small figure statues which are facing each other in a circular fashion. In the center of the display, there is three ceramic vessels placed…
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