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Picture of at-home negative Covid test sitting on counter. December 31st, 2021. I took this test as well as a few others this week to ensure I tested negative before meeting my cousin for the first time. This was the picture I sent my Uncle to…

lewis sticker.jpg
A photo of a sticker of Flagler college mascot Lewis the Lion wearing a face mask to stop the spread of covid.

reserved mom.JPG
A photo of a bride in a white dress looking down at two items. In the right hand there is a sign that reads " Reserved for the Mother of the Bride Celebrating with us in Heaven." In the right hand there is a frame with roses surrounding it with a…

Throughout the 2020-2021 academic year, everyone on our campus was required to wear masks both inside and outside. Signs like this one served as reminders of this policy.

This photograph was taken at the end of the semester. While classes on…

High school teacher Adam Bagby gives explains how teaching has changed since the Covid-19 Pandemic began.

Flagler Health.jpg
Before the COVID Pandemic, touchless payment methods and online schooling were already breaking out but the demand grew due to the pandemic and quarantine orders. For Flagler College students, the implementation of the Flagler Health app not only…

High school AP teacher, Paige Bagby, answers questions about the changes to education during the coronavirus pandemic.

Middle school Spanish teacher, Avilette de Castro, answers student questions about changes to education in the coronavirus pandemic.

At Teriayaki Ha Ha on Route 1, just across from Nease High School, staff erected a wooden frame with plastic sheeting hung from it to create a protective barrier. When you walk in the front door, your order is waiting on the table. Cash is put into…

As long as im living my Mommy youll be .jpg
Depicts someone who passed away as well as religion.
The photo shows blue flowers in the background. On the table, an urn is shown with an angelic figure on top pointing to a necklace on the right-hand side that says mom in a heart with a red…
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