St. Augustine Alligator Farm 3D brochure, 1953



St. Augustine Alligator Farm 3D brochure, 1953


St. Augustine Alligator Farm


Tourist attraction brochure in anaglyph 3D.
The front pictures an open-mouthed alligator head and an image of the front of the farm, on a black background with thin white stripes. In a red box is the text "St. Augustine" in black curving font, and below it "Alligator Farm" in the same font in white. The bottom of the cover reads "Across Bridge of Lions on A1A" and St Augustine Florida".

Page 1: A cream background with images with images in black and white, with a red and blue tint overlay for the 3D effect. Pictured is drawings of a parrot and a monkey and tropical leaves, on either side of a photograph of alligators laying under the sun in an enclosure. Below is a photo of an ostrich and a young boy sitting on a tourist, on either side of text explaining the farm's history.

Page 2: A cream background with a small margin of trim of photos featuring palm trees on the top and bottom edges, with the text "US 1" and "South" on the top margin in white text on red background. It reads "Follow Highway A1A Across the Bridge of Lions" and below that "Recommended Florida Attracts" in black text, on the cream background. Below the text is over two dozen local attractions listed in smaller black font.


St. Augustine Alligator Farm.


Saint Augustine Alligator Farm, Inc (Fla). St. Augustine Alligator Farm 3D brochure, ca. 1953. 1953 (circa). State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. <>, accessed 4 March 2022.


c. 1953


Kelly Enright
Charlie Hall

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St. Augustine Alligator Farm., “St. Augustine Alligator Farm 3D brochure, 1953,” accessed March 3, 2024,

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