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Demonstrators walk onto a whites-only beach to show support for integration.

Police with dogs guard the June 23, 1964 wade in at St. Augustine Beach

J. B. Stoner, segregationist from Atlanta, Ga., center left, holds a confederate flag as he addresses a large crowd of whites at a slave market and then leads them on a long march through African American section of town, June 13, 1964, St.…

A group of African Americans (background) watch as about 300 white segregationist march through the African American residential section in St Augustine June 13, 1964. The march was to counteract African American marches through white sections. They…

L-R on truck: Don Cochran, Connie Lynch and Bart Griffin.
The Ku Klux Klan began their march through Lincolnville after they gave a speech at the Slave Market in Downtown St. Augustine.

Demonstrating African American youths, keep their distance from a snarling police dog, during an integration demonstration at a hotel, March 31, 1964, St. Augustine, Fla. Police arrested all of the demonstrators when they would not leave the hotel…

Black demonstrators sing and clap as they are herded into a group by a police officer and a dog at the jail in St. Augustine, Florida, April 1, 1964.

Two policemen, one holding a dog by a leash, break up racial demonstrations, March 31, 1964, St. Augustine, Fla. Scores of persons were arrested. Mickey Smith is the man on the far left.

Martin Luther King's fingerprint card from his St. Augustine arrest on June 11, 1964.
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