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Stained glass window of the Martyrdom of Antonio Cuipa in St. Anne's Catholic Church, Ruskin, Florida by Casola Stained Glass

This is a close up of a French map depicting the 1702 Siege.

Flagler volunteers .JPG
Two Flagler student volunteers assist with excavation at the Mission de Nombre de Dion.

A Timucua woman stands holding a large ceramic bowl filled with water, cradled in her left arm. In her right hand are several cobs of corn. She is heavily tattooed and wears a fringed cloth that hangs from one shoulder diagonally across her body. She…

Painting of heavily-tattooed Timucua man holding bow and arrow, and wearing a red sheath. He is wearing a loincloth with fringe, and adornments on his neck, knees, and arms. His triangular hat has a long white "tail."

Beacon of Faith Cross.jpg
Postcard depicting a photograph of the Beacon of Faith Cross. A white bridge crosses a body of water, leading in the direction of the cross. Two people are standing on the bridge and looking over the side.

Mission Chapel of Nombre De Dios.jpg
Postcard depicting a black and white photograph of the shrine to Our Lady of La Leche and the surrounding trees and paths. The shrine is located at the Mission Nombre De Dios

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Ancient Spanish Shrine.jpg
Postcard depicting the shrine of Nuestra Senora De La Leche.

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