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Flyer indicating The Great American Dive team "as seen on ABC". The flyer has a blue background. on the flyer is an individual who is diving legs in the arm arms outstretched. Around the diver there are seven stars. In the red it reads " The Great…

marineland dolphin.jpeg
A postcard showing a dolphin being fed by a trainer on the top deck of Marine Studios in 1959.

view master.jpg
A half-circle wheel inside of an envelope. The wheel includes photos from Marineland. 2 photos are showing and say Pelicans and the circular oceariarum.
The number 166 is under the photos and under that, it says Marine Studios.
On the View-Master…

Front of postcard There is a round life preserver written inside with a rope-like text it says Amazing! Marine Studios Marineland Florida
Under is reads "On the New Ocean Boulevard." Within the life preserver there is a photo of two dolphins…

marine land ticket.jpg
A ticket recipet from the Marine Studios at Marineland Florida. The ticket reads "MArine Studios Marineland FLorida. Adult Admit one. Est Price $1.78
fed tax .36 state tax .06 total $2.20
receipt only
Elliot TIcket CO NYC.

The ticket stub…

sharks and shipwrecks.jpg
This vintage postcard shows an image of a shark and multiple fish swimming through the remnants of a ship wreck. The scene shows the background of a stadium wall.
Color postcard showing a scuba diver feeding dolphins at Marineland
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